Avi Mograbi

An Israeli ex-soldier who participated in a revenge operation where two Palestinian policemen were murdered seeks forgiveness for what he has done. His girlfriend does not think it is that simple, she raises issues he is yet not ready to address. The soldier willingly testifies for camera as long as his identity is no exposed. While the filmmaker keeps looking for the proper solution for concealing the soldier’s identity he questions his own political and artistic conduct.

  • Running time : 81'
  • Country : France
  • Year of production : 2008
  • Author : Avi Mograbi
  • Production : Les Films d'Ici Avi Mograbi Le Fresnoy

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Jour2Fête International Sales Department and Doc & Film International are teaming up. The name will change but the spirit embodied by both companies over the past years will remain and thrive.

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