Marcelle Lunam

In July 2016 a small foreign crew met in Havana. For the next 11 days, with very little sleep, they would document the face of a new Cuba – a week in the life of five Cuban youths; a dancer, a tattoo artist, a skater, a DJ and an actor… Habana Sixteen is a window into a Cuba many have not yet seen.

  • Running time : 52'
  • Country : Australie
  • Year of production : 2017
  • Author : Marcelle Lunam
  • Production : Matutino Films Ptt Ltd
  • Tag :

Doc&Film international

Jour2Fête International Sales Department and Doc & Film International are teaming up. The name will change but the spirit embodied by both companies over the past years will remain and thrive.

Stay tuned for more information!

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