Marc Petitjean
    52 & 83

    Kunihiko Moriguchi perpetuates the Yuzen painting technique invented in the 17th Century. Through the documentary portrait of this kimono painter in Kyoto, we enter a closed world, the one of living treasures, these artists chosen by the State to represent the Japanese tradition. We discover the work of a master and his family surroundings. In... Read more »


    Stéphane Chopard

    The cone shell, a peculiar shell equipped with poisonous gigs which can strike a fish dead in just a few seconds, fascinates scientists. Since we have discovered the complexity of the toxins, and their action on the body, in particular on pain transmission, numerous international laboratories have set on a quest for a promising medicine,... Read more »


    Florence Mauro

    From Plato’s Academy to Paris or the Metropolitan New York High Line, the garden city lives in the city and promotes the search for our most intimate heterotopias. Instead of speaking, at first limited to philosophers, he later became the seat of democracy for the greatest number. The speaker’s corner is always in Hyde Park.... Read more »


    Camille Guichard
    89' & 52'

    Duane Michals is a young man of almost 80 years old and most of all one of the american Master of Photography. He works as a storyteller by incorporating handwritten texts which adds another dimension to the images’ meaning. Duane Michals always balances fragility and strength, gravity and humour. The film will follow him in... Read more »


    Georges Gachot
    85' & 52'

    Since 1996 the film director has been following the story of doctor and cellist Beat Richner and his children’s hospitals in Cambodia. In portraying this Swiss man, aged 64, this film is about a life and an extraordinary voyage of 40 years, this documentary reveals a utopian artist who realized his visions by becoming a... Read more »


    Manon Loizeau

    Thousands of black niqabs march every week in Sanaa. Women of all generations and social classes, invisible up till now, relentlessly defy the government. They raise their fists in the air, demanding freedom and have even burnt their headscarves on the public square, requesting better equality. As months go by, encouraged by the wave of... Read more »


    Frédéric Brunnquell

    For many years, our buying power has constantly grown. Generations have followed one another with the promise to the youngest of a life of hyper consumption. But the turnovers of the world have jammed the generous mechanics and our incomes and those of millions of Europeans will not increase anymore. However, in order to satisfy... Read more »


    Cécile Allegra

    In the drug squad in Naples, nine ordinary policemen have declared war on the Mafia. Their mission: dismantle the drug deal network, which has transformed the region into a cocaine hub in Europe. An exhausting and dangerous work, in a city where the Rule of Law has no longer been applied for a long time…

Doc&Film international

Created by a pool of producers in 1996, Doc & Film International had been very active in selling TV-documentaries. In 2008, Daniela Elstner joined Doc & Film as head of the company and shareholder.
Since then, we have been expanding the activities to international sales of feature films and feature length documentaries, working with directors from all aver the world.
Doc & Film International deals with a catalogue of more than 800 titles. We are attending all major markets and festivals around the globe in order to ensure maximum international exposure for our films. Backed by a worldwide network of theatrical distributors, broadcasters and digital platforms, we give all our films the best chance to reach the audience.

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