Sophie Fiennes, Mathieu Amalric, Martin de Thurah, Hannes Stöhr, Dominique Blanc, Sophie Barthes, Valérie Mréjen and Valérie Pirson
    40' et 52'

    8 short films, inspired by 8 paintings by the American painter Edward Hopper. Directed by Sophie Fiennes, Mathieu Amalric, Martin de Thurah,, Hannes Stöhr, Dominique Blanc, Sophie Barthes, Valérie Mréjen and Valérie Pirson.


    Christophe Cupelin
    90' & 52'

    “I therefore want to speak in the name of all abandoned people because I am a man and nothing of what is human is foreign to me”. A portrait composed of archives of Thomas Sankara, president of Burkina Faso between 1983 and his murder in 1987. Ready to liberate his country and transform the mentalities... Read more »


    Nicolas Wadimoff, Juan Lozano

    From their headquarters in Geneva, the lawyers of the Swiss association Trial (Track Impunity Always) unremittingly pursue any war criminal careless enough to pass through Swiss territory. These true contemporary crime hunters have in their crosshairs all those with the blood of victims of conflicts on their hands. Theirs is primarily painstaking legal work, but... Read more »


    Rachèle Magloire,Chantal Regnault
    52' & 72'

    Since 1996 and 2002 respectively, the United States and Canada conduct a systematic policy of repatriation of all foreign residents who have committed crimes on their soil. These range from violent crimes to simple convictions for driving while intoxicated or petty theft. “Deported” follows for three years these North American off enders as they return... Read more »


    Ariel Camacho
    52 & 90 min

    This film, shot over a period of 10 years, relates the destiny of Stefano Cascio, a young man who embarked upon the path of the priesthood in 2001 at the age of 23. The Church brutally entered the life of his Franco-Italian family without a word of warning, confronting a mother and her son with... Read more »


    Laurent Chollet
    6x60min & 3x120min

    The voice of the famous newscaster from “La dernière séance”, Eddy Mitchell, tells 70 years of passion for French cinema. A triptych documentary by Laurent Chollet, supplemented by 9 hours of bonus, with exclusive testimonies from cinema lovers (Bertrand Tavernier, Gilles Jacob, Michel Ciment, and many more…), and hours of rare and unpublished archives (François... Read more »


    Gianpaolo Bigoli

    India – Lovebirds are young rebel lovers that risk their life just to stay together. They escape their families and persecution from India’s ancient tradition of prohibiting marriage outside one’s caste or religion. Different stories of Lovebirds on the run interweave in a poor shelter in New Delhi. There to help them is Mr. Sachdev... Read more »


    Maziar Bahari

    Few things are more humiliating than having to reel off someone else’s lies. In 2009, millions of Iranians watched on TV as filmmaker Maziar Bahari was forced to make a false confession. He had supposedly been collaborating with the West and was accused of espionage. As a filmmaker and journalist working for Western broadcasting corporations,... Read more »

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