Christian Wyss, Franziska Engelhardt

There is no war – nevertheless, Central America has the highest homicide rate in the world. Gangs known as the Maras terrorise the populace. The film embarks on a road trip to explore the phenomenon of violence in Guatemala, Honduras and in El Salvador, portraying the brutal realities on various levels: the source of the violence, those who orchestrate it and those who suffer because of it. An informant working for the police offers rare insight into the phenomenon: he explains everyday life, structures and the Maras’ actions with dreadful ease.

  • Running time : 52'
  • Country : Suisse
  • Year of production : 2013
  • Author : Christian Wyss, Franziska Engelhardt
  • Production : Franziska Engelhardt & Christian Wyss

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Jour2Fête International Sales Department and Doc & Film International are teaming up. The name will change but the spirit embodied by both companies over the past years will remain and thrive.

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