Jacky Goldberg

For the past fifteen years, the Hollywood comedy has been at its most creative. One man embodies this boom: Judd Apatow, the indisputable leader of an unofficial troupe of actors, comedians, writers and directors, whose signature mix of raunchy humor and anxiously confessional stories is adored by the public and celebrated by the press. Jacky Goldberg speaks with Apatow at length. Together, they discuss key scenes from his TV shows and his movies and talk with actors and fellow filmmakers from his gang. This thought-provoking film spotlights the bold and unsettling work of the man who, as he says, likes to bring some Cassavetes into studio comedy.

  • Running time : 60'
  • Country : France
  • Year of production : 2014
  • Author : Jacky Goldberg
  • Production : Vycky Films Canal + Cinéma, Ciné +

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