Lucia Sanchez

    It has taken just a few years for Murcia, one of the most arid regions in Spain, to become the Capital of golf in Europe. For retired english men and women, Murcia represents a dream world, a place to practise their favourite sport in the sun, low cost. But for a lot of them, this... Read more »


    Frédéric Laffont & Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat

    The film takes us to the heart of the Hermès workshops, where men and women work the finest raw materials with minute attention to detail, bringing their expertise, patience and passion to the creation of unique, timeless objects. Beatifully orchestrated, like a musical score, the play of gestures, words, close observation and silence highlights the... Read more »

  • CHAM

    Guillaume Orignac et Bruno Deniel-Laurent

    « CHAM », a documentary filmed in Cambodia reveals the merciless repression suffered by muslims under the regime of the Khmer rouge (1975-1979). During those four years, the muslims had been particularly targeted by the Khmer rouge death machine which saw them as « enemy No.1 ». At the time when the international trial of... Read more »


    Dominique Gros

    Who was Mary and what kind of relationships men and women of today have with her, the one who is called the VIRGIN MARIE, « Mother of God», eternal virgin, a role model for women put forth by the Church, object of apparitions and popular fervor? The story of Mary, a biblical and theological character,... Read more »


    Pascale Bourgaux

    Afghanistan 2001 : alongside General Massoud, Mamour Hasan stands up against the Talibans, supporting the occidental intervention and the new governement. As a convinced democrate, he reintegrates « moderate and repentant » Talibans in his village. Ten years later, the lord of war pays the consequences of his generosity and commitment. Less powerful and almost... Read more »


    Marc Fafard & Yves Maillard

    In 1963, a pilot flew his small plane over northern Quebec. He saw dogsleds, tents and igloos, a people whose way of life had changed little over thousands of years. The pilot was Johnny May, an Inuit himself, the first of his people to take the controls of an airplane. Although he didn’t know it... Read more »


    Nadia El Fani
    75' & 56'

    August 2010: Tunisia is in the middle of Ramadan under Ben Ali’s régime. Despite the weight of censorship, Nadia El Fani films a country which seems open to the principle of freedom of conscience and liberal in its relationship to Islam…Three months later, the Tunisian Revolution breaks out, Nadia is out in the field. While... Read more »


    Noelle Deschamps

    This documentary is a “poetic journey” to the four corners of the planet, through the imaginations of several writers and directors from all over the world, such as Frank Pierson, Jacques Audiard, Pan Nalin, James Gray, Guillermo Arriaga, Maïwenn and Michel Gondry. By entering their world, through the images of their films and personal interviews... Read more »

Doc&Film international

Created by a pool of producers in 1996, Doc & Film International had been very active in selling TV-documentaries. In 2008, Daniela Elstner joined Doc & Film as head of the company and shareholder.
Since then, we have been expanding the activities to international sales of feature films and feature length documentaries, working with directors from all aver the world.
Doc & Film International deals with a catalogue of more than 800 titles. We are attending all major markets and festivals around the globe in order to ensure maximum international exposure for our films. Backed by a worldwide network of theatrical distributors, broadcasters and digital platforms, we give all our films the best chance to reach the audience.

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