Thomas Sipp & Mariannick Bellot

Every day, out in the street, at the office or in our homes, we are confronted with thousands of letters in different typefaces. Their number has grown significantly with many screens that surround us everywhere we go. We read them, we write them, we send them. Times, Futura, Helvetica, Mistral, Bodoni, Garamond and so on; these “types” are familiar strangers we rub shoulders with every day without knowing it. This series shows how each one has its roots in the changes in printing techniques, the arts, the mass communication and advertising of its time. It presents the often eccentric and obsessive personalities of their creators – sculptors, painters, historians and typographers – who devoted years of their lives to designing characters, some of which would outlive them by many centuries.

  • Running time : 12 x 2'30 min
  • Country : France
  • Year of production : 2014
  • Author : Thomas Sipp & Mariannick Bellot
  • Production : Les Films d'Ici RADIO FRANCE

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